Postpartum Care, Lactation Support and Coaching available

Postpartum Doula


As your Doula/Newborn Care Specialist, I agree to provide non-medical physical, emotional and informational support after the birth of your baby. I will help with self-care recovery, postpartum comfort measures, infant care (including bathing, feeding, safety issues, and swaddling), parenting information, preparing simple meals, beverages, snacks and provide assistance with learning to feed and take care of your baby. 

The tasks provided will depend on the priorities discussed by all parties before beginning services, and on your particular needs each day. 

I offer in home care with a 5 hour min at $30 hr for days and an 8hr min at $35 for nights. I also offer travel and 24 hour support. 


Not all families want to have someone in their homes for long periods of time and that is where my private consulting can be helpful for the entire family.

Consultation Services - $200 for up to 6 hours of support. Includes in-person, phone, text, Skype and online support. Payment is due upon signing our agreement. Time deducted as used in 15 minute increments. As a postpartum consultant I make myself available throughout your journey and help answer questions and concerns you may have about your little one. Topics such as sleep position for torticollis, swaddling, baby wearing, pacifier or not, breastfeeding navigation, nutrition, what to eat, and the list goes on.  I am available for all family members who have questions and concerns. These times are generally scheduled in advance, but should something arise and you need assistance please call or text me. Allow at least two hours for a return call when not previously scheduled.

Lactation Cookies

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YUM YUM! I have to say I make some of the best organic and ingredient conscious lactation cookies on the Westside. Fresh baked and delivered to your door the very same day.  My daughter, the ethical baker and I have joined forces to create some amazing gluten free, vegan and traditional cookies. We use ingredients to support lactation such as oatmeal, brewers/ nutritional yeast and Flax. 

We do need 24 hours notice for all deliveries. Anything over a 5 mile radius of Play Vista will incur a $10 travel/fuel fee.

Price per batch is $25 and we offer a combination of flavors for you, a friend or loved one. 

*Oatmeal Chocolate Chip 

* Oatmeal Almond butter 

* Oatmeal raisin 

all cookies can be made with walnuts 

for extra power packed nutrition

We offer Nutrition, Skin & Goal accountability coaching


Healthy from within

I offer skin & body nutritional information as well as accountability coaching to all that are interested. This would be a 3 to 6 month program where we meet twice a month. One 60-75 minute facial that suites your skincare needs and one 30 - 60 minute goal setting session. The price per month is $185, but if you want to take advantage of some savings, pay for 6 months in advance you receive 10 percent off the total price. For more details please call me at 310-936-5625 or email me with your questions.